The Krewe

Bre Westry - Founder/Owner (@_chef_boyarbre_)

Bre Westry is the founder and owner of West Crescent Vintage. She started West Crescent following a number of friends in college joking that she should "charge them for borrowing her expansive wardrobe". She did. West Crescent Vintage was founded in 2018 and the growth since has been a dream.  

In addition to this business, Bre also is a freelance writer, videographer, editor, and stylist. A true "Babe of All Trades". 


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Josh Perez - Senior Photographer (@joshperezphotog)

Josh Perez is a photographer based in Austin, Texas. His photography journey began at a young age, when he would bring a film camera to make videos while skateboarding with his friends. That expanded into an interest in still photography once Josh began to wonder how skateboard tricks were photographed. 

In 2010, Josh joined the military taking a 4 year hiatus from photography. After he got out in 2014, Josh began his formal education in photography in Tucson, Arizona and finished in Austin, Texas. 


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